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How to Become Exterminators Now

Getting a career as a pest control specialist or an exterminator will surprise you with many benefits, such as the convenience of working without a stressful boss. And if you love meeting new people, this job will fulfill you with the opportunities of working outdoors. Many exterminators nowadays have even established an online office to widen their market. At KDG, we have helped thousands of emerging businesses set up their space over the internet. Our team of professionals has the expertise in web designing and other techniques to make a website visible and attractive in the virtual world.

● To become one of the best Exterminators Now Green River, UT, the initial step is to earn a high school diploma. Some may think that dealing with pests does not require a higher education, but you will need to possess good basic knowledge, especially in math and chemistry. Take note that you should know how to identify the biology of pests.

● Your driving record should be clean. Since pest control specialists have to drive from one location to another, you should have good driving skills and must avoid committing driving violations.

● Reliable Exterminators Now Green River, UT have completed a pest control training program. This program is the gateway to learning new knowledge about pests and pest control. You may get it through community colleges or pest control training centers. Other technical centers and university extension programs also offer the said training. Before enrolling, see to it that the school is accepted by your state pesticide regulatory board.

● Get an on-the-job training to be certified. Once you finish your pest control training program, you will be required to pass a hands-on training where you will work as an apprentice, with the guidance of a licensed specialist. After which, you need to pass the certification exam. This will be your final step to getting a license and finally work as a pest control specialist. Be prepared for written and oral examinations that will test your knowledge in pests, pesticides, solutions and other necessary information that you need to be an expert of as a professional exterminator.

3 Importance of Termite Inspections from Exterminator Near Me

There are types of pests that can easily be determined by their droppings or signs of presence. However, with termites, you will never ascertain that they are present in your house until the damage in your structures and furniture becomes visible. Termites are tiny insects that consumes on your wooden furniture and structure that may not be noticeable in plain view. Because of this, you would need an Exterminator near me to do termite inspections in order to find and eliminate the pests.

Assessment of risk and damage

When you hire experts in termite inspection from us at Exterminators Now, you will get an idea of the potential and actual damage of pests in your property. When you hire professional exterminators, you will also be informed if there are other pests that infiltrate your property. A proper assessment will help the contractors craft the right approach to effectively get rid of termites. A good inspection will also help them assess how much they are going to charge for the service. Ask for deals and packages to reduce your costs.

Identify the source

The good thing about having termite inspections is that you will know where exactly the pests are and how you can save your furniture and personal belongings from getting damaged. Termites can cause structural damage that may weaken the foundations of your house. Its repair and renovation would cost a sizable amount of money. Depending on the extent of damage, some repairs may require for you to alter the appearance of your house. Also, with good inspection from Exterminator near me, you can save your wooden furniture and important documents which are the usual targets of termites.

Obtain prevention techniques

When you call contractors for an Exterminator near me, you actually get more from the service. Termite inspectors are experts and experienced enough to give you advice on how you can prevent these mites from coming back. One prevention technique is to keep susceptible areas in your house dry and free from moisture because moist places are conducive breeding sites for termites. Divert water away from your house or fill the cracks in your structures to prevent termites from breeding. Another option is to treat your soil or uproot old tree trunks in your area.

Top Tips For Effective Bugs Extermination

Setting a schedule with us at Exterminators Now is hassle-free but there are some things that you need to do to make the inspection and actual extermination more effective in your premises.

Before you set a schedule for bugs control, the first thing to do is try to determine the type of pests inhabiting your residential or commercial space. If you are not familiar with pests and insects, pay attention to the evident signs of their presence inyour area. For instance, when your furniture have consumption marks or damage, chances are, there are termites consuming your belongings. Termites and ants leave trails that are easy to spot. However, you should take note that there are pests that are not visible, such as mites and silverfish. You can tell that they are present when you start to itch or when you see rashes or bite marks on your skin. Rodents and cockroaches usually leave droppings in the area that they roam around in.

When you finally ascertain that there are bugs in your property, call us right away so we can help resolve your pest issues. You can do some search online or you can also ask your neighbors or friends for referrals. You can visit our website to find out about our expertise, specialization and contact details if you want to talk with any of our qualified technicians. For more information about the quality of our professional service, read customer reviews around the net.

To find out how much you are going to spend for the services, request for a service quote. We offer obligation-free inspection to determine the needs of our customers and the type of insects and approach necessary for the job. Our technicians are licensed and we do services with insurance.

When you have already decided to get our services, it’s time to set a schedule for the actual conduct of bugs control in your area. Move transferrable furniture and items for a faster extermination process. Provide a free access to the attic, basement, cabinets under the sink and areas in between furniture to make it easier for us to do our job.

Exterminators Now – How to make a Structure less attractive to Termites

Every year, Exterminators Now is called by homeowners to handle termite infestations. A termite infestation can result to thousands of dollars worth of structural damages. The costs of hiring the services of Exterminators Now pale in comparison to what will be spent to repair structural damages. According to EPA, property owners have spent more than $2 billion every year to treat termite damages.

The first thing that Exterminators Now will do is to identify the termite swarm because ant swarms are usually mistaken as termites. The most common type of termite in the United States is the native subterranean termite. Not too common are the smaller drywood termite and invasive Formosan termite.

Once the type of termite has been identified, Exterminators Now will apply the appropriate termite treatments like termite baits or minimum risk liquid termiticides that have to applied strictly according to label directions. Only properly trained exterminators are allowed to perform termiticide application.

There are ways to make the structure less attractive to termites like reducing openings that will provide access to termites. Cracks or holes where utilities will pass through the walls must be filled with grout, cement or caulk. Leaks must be fixed immediately and vents must be free from any blockages including plants. Trees and shrubs must not be planted too close to the structure particularly exposed wood surfaces. Firewood must not be stored close to the home.

Other ways of keeping termites away from the home without the application of insecticides include the physical barrier that is typically installed during construction. Steel mesh and sands of particular sizes can be effective physical barriers. Building materials used in new home construction can also be sprayed with borates to protect wood.

In recent years, bait systems were introduced to help in preventing the use of insecticides that have negative effects on health and the environment. Bait systems work through cellulose baits that contain a slow-acting insecticide. Termiticides that are used in soil-applied barrier treatments are specifically labelled for the purpose. If not properly used, termiticides can contaminate the home and surrounding water wells. It is important to take the necessary precautions when using termiticides in termite control.

3 Great Reasons to Choose Exterminators Now

You can easily find a lot of companies that offer pest control services but you can never be sure if you are looking at a reliable contractor. To avoid wasting your money and getting unsatisfying services, make it a point to choose us, Exterminators Now, so you can get the best value for your money. Find us is not difficult but if you want to be sure, here are some of the things that make us stand out in the market.

Safety guarantee

One of the things that you should check from us or from any other contractor is the type of pest solution used in the extermination process. While there are contractors that use toxic chemicals for the process, we only use safe and eco-friendly solutions for the extermination process. We offer 100% safety guarantee and you can find this on our website. Chemicals can be toxic to pets and human beings when inhaled or pets and humans are exposed to such harmful substance.

Pocket-friendly service rates

One thing that we are also proud of is the affordability of the services that we offer at Exterminators Now. We also offer obligation-free inspection and cost estimate so for you to have an idea how much you will spend for the service. After we have conducted an inspection, we will create an action plan that suits your need. To lower your expenses, ask us the different service needs so we can offer you a package specifically for you. We also offer daily deals and discounts upon signing to their service.


Another exciting offer from our list of exterminators is the offered service warranty. This means that our customers will not spend anything if ever pests and insects reappear in our customer’s premises within the warranty period. After we render our services, we make it a point to check on our customers to find out if any signs of pests are evident and if they were happy with our services at Exterminators Now. Our service warranty offer is up to six months. To know more about our services and how satisfied our customers are, read the testimonials found on our website.